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Anna-Fit Avocado Coffee

Anna-Fit Avocado Coffee

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Anna-Fit Avocado Coffee (70Kcal). Pack has 10 x 15g sachets.

Anna-Fit Instant Coffee Mix is the ultimate on-the-go coffee solution. A convenient and delicious blend of non-dairy creamer, instant coffee, and nutrient-packed plant extracts make it easy to enjoy a healthy coffee fix anytime, anywhere.

With the added benefits of white kidney bean extract, avocado powder, and goji berry extract, you can enjoy a tasty coffee without the guilt.

There's reishi, ginseng, garcinia, and ginkgo biloba extract to provide natural energy to help you power through your day.

Cactus extract, jiaogulan extract, and acerola cherry extract keep your immune system strong.

With added lutein, sucralose, calcium amino acid chelate, and Vitamin B6, Anna-Fit is the perfect choice for a quick and convenient coffee fix. Get your coffee fix, the healthy way with Anna-Fit!

FDA No. 13-2-04462-2-0055

✅ 100%arabica coffee mix with NZ organic avocado powder

✅ Avocado powder from the Hass strain, known as the most nutritious type of avocado

✅ Our avocados are grown in volcanic soil that is rich in minerals and nutrients which are highly beneficial.

✅ Grown in closed farms. We take care of the products in a natural way. Can be sure it's a 100% organic farm.

✅ Avocados from New Zealand are reputed to be high quality in terms of quality nutrients.

✅ Quality avocados under the Annavocado brand that received many quality certificates from New Zealand and Thailand.

✅ We use good quality Arabica coffee from the north of Thailand.

✅ Avocado cultivation area is volcanic soil, full of benefits

✅ 100% Natural Organic harvesting process

✅ Contains 10 sachets/box (10 Sachets/Pack)

✅ 15 g per sachet (1 Sachets = 15 g)


Non Dairy Creamer
Instant Coffee 
White Kidney Bean Extract
Avocado Powder
Goji Berry Extract
Reishi Extract
Ginseng Extract
Garcinia Extract
Ginkgo Biloba Extract
Cactus Extract
Jiaogulan Extract
Acerola Cherry Extract
Calcium Amino Acid Chelate
Vitamin 6