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Generation Honey Manuka MGO 260+ 250g plus Avocado Oil Capsule Bundle

Generation Honey Manuka MGO 260+ 250g plus Avocado Oil Capsule Bundle

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This winter goodness bundle is 10% off. Support your inner health with our bundle package of 1 x 250g Generation Honey Manuka (MGO 260+) and 30 Soft Gel Avocado Oil Capsules.

* Image to be updated to Generation Honey MGO260+. Note Generation Honey is produced from the same hives, plant and equipment as Katikati Honey. It is still a family run business.

250g. Manuka Honey has a beautiful flavour of strong full bodied warm honey; you can just taste the goodness. It is produced throughout New Zealand from the fringes of native forests. The Manuka bush is known for be the first plant to cover regenerating forest land. 

Manuka Honey is recognised for its powerful inner health benefits. It has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. High grade MG Manuka honey can help treat cuts, abrasions, skin irritants and burns. The higher the grade the higher the MG purity.

You may not realise it's possible but many people have used it as a daily alternative to sugar and energy boost. Try it straight from the spoon, in your tea, in a smoothie, manuka recipes and more. Why not try it for yourself?

Made by a family run business located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty. All their honey is harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand.

Honey is not suitable for children under 12 months of age.